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Major changes are coming to the CSGO UI, and that have been revealed in the pre-patch notes for the next upcoming patch.


The UI looks clean refreshed, and shows the model of the terrorist or counter terrorist in the main menu of the game. The UI is transparent, showing a map used in the game in the background.

The UI is currently in beta, and can be tested by cooping with a friend or in solo against bots. Official matchmaking using the Panorama UI is not available yet, but it will be available after Valve analyzes the feedback from the players, makes changes accordingly, and drops the update.

Any feedback can be forwarded to valve at [email protected] by including “#PanoramaUI” in the subject line (without the quotes).

Rumors state that Valve is preparing for a Source 2 remake of Counter Strike : Global Offensive, just like they rebuilt DOTA 2 in Source 2 with the Reborn update.

Is Counter Strike : Global Offensive finally redeeming itself?


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