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Valorant in India has finally received its very own Mumbai Servers! Not only Indians, but players from Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, and Maldives will also be joining and benefitting from the Mumbai servers.

The Valorant India & South Asia Twitter handle announced this news a while ago, which means the servers are set to be launched with the Middle east servers which collectively launch with the ACT III. 

If you want to understand about Shards, you’ve come to the right place! Shards are prime region servers, where the database of a player is stored. For e.g., if you play in the Asia Pacific, your data will not be available in the North America Region. To play in another region, you need to make a new account or request Riot Games for a transfer. However, Mumbai servers are under the same Shard as the Asia Pacific which includes the Singapore Server as well. Matchmaking can happen with servers under the same shard. Which, in essence, means as soon as the servers go live, Indian players will enjoy low latency right away and be able to compete effectively without high ping issues.

ACT 3 is all set to launch tonight at 2:30 AM IST (14 October 2020), and will bring with it the much awaited official Mumbai servers for the growing Valorant India community.

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  1. Unfortunately, Sri Lankans cannot connect to the Indian server due to high ping. We are getting an average of 45ms ping on the Singapore server and 110 pings on the Indian server(I’m using the fiber connection)

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