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Originally announced as a new “Valkyria Project”, Sega has finally lifted the curtain off the latest installment in their war-themed strategy RPG franchise.

After the disappointing Valkyria Revolution, Sega has promised that, with Valkyria Chronicles 4 they’re going back to the gameplay roots of the first few Valkyria games.

Here’s what the company said in a  press release:

Valkyria Chronicles 4 takes place in the same timeframe as the original Valkyria Chronicles, but focuses on a whole new cast of main characters. Players will take command of the eager, young Commander Claude Wallace, engineer/heavy weapons extraordinaire Riley Miller, hotheaded Darcsen Raz, ice-cold ace sniper Kai Schulen, and more. Together, they will experience the painful realities of war—but will the bonds of Squad E’s friendships survive the frozen battlefield?”.

Valkyria Chronicles 4 will be releasing on the PS4, XB1 and Nintendo Switch sometime in 2018. The PS4 version will first release in Japan on March 21, while the Switch version has a summer 2018 release window; sadly, the game will not see an XB1 release in Japan.. Here’s the original trailer, and it looks like the series’ trademark water-color artstyle is making a comeback as well:

The series started off with the first game on the PS3, and two subsequent releases on the PSP – of which the third installment never saw the light of day outside of Japan. Will you be getting the new game?

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