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Rebellion’s pulpy third person co-op shooter Strange Brigade is gearing up for its August 28th release. Now, Rebellion Entertainment has announced two new game modes  that will be available in the game at launch.

The first of the announced modes is your average Horde Mode, which pits pits players against waves of enemies to fight against until their eventual death. The other mode is called Score Attack, and the goal in this mode is to kill enemies as fast you can to build up multipliers, and increase your score in the process.

Strange Brigade is trying to capture the spirit of the 1930s by combining modern visuals and graphics with the style of the classic adventure films of the period. The core gameplay revolves around dropping in different locales in the world and taking on hordes of zombies and other monstrosities using your brain and brawn.

Strange Brigade is currently scheduled for an August 28th release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows.

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