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The Indian cinema industry is full of examples of plagiarism, or as some call it ‘inspiration’. Storyline, characters, songs, dialogues have all been used, re-used, and abused by the movie industry for years now. But today, I saw a new ground being broken. Or shall I say ‘FRONT’.

Today while scrolling through the latest music releases I came across the movie Vaaimai. Its an upcoming Tamil movie, directed by A. Senthil Kumar. Nothing special. Movies get planned, they get released, some get successful and some don’t. But the cover art of the movie intrigued me. It seemed eerily familiar. Here is the official movie poster for your reference.


See something familiar. Maybe some hints might help. THQ? FPS? HOMEFRONT. No, nothing. How about the official cover art for the video game released way back in 2011.


See the similarities now. Of course you do. I mean the amount of Photoshop put into this poster is next to none.

Here are both the posters side by side.


I don’t know if I should condemn this move, as most plagiarism attempts are. Or should I be happy that video game media is something that is actively looked at and copied into Indian mainstream cinema. I kind of feel bad for the critics, now they even have to play video games before  they can spot plagiarism.

I am sure this is not a one-off incident, and it has inspired me to look at even more Tamil movie posters. Maybe I could find one inspired by God Of War. Now only if they can make movies as interesting as some video games.

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