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A trailer dropped by Ubisoft hints at a possible new Far Cry release. The trailer shows a reveal date of December 6, which means that the announcement will coincide with the Game Awards 2018.

                             Ubisoft’s new teaser is surprising, since Far Cry 5 dropped fairly recently, at the beginning of the year. No one expected a follow-up to Far Cry 5 within a span of 6 months after its release.

                                                 The trailer, however, looks like a part of Montana,which is the setting for Far Cry 5. The words of the trailer make it look like it was made in the aftermath of the devastation caused by a nuke falling in the region. It is to be noted that Far Cry 5’s ending had a nuke fall on Hope County, ending the story in a cliff hanger. The announcement might be add-on content, or in layman terms, a DLC for Far Cry 5 too.

All will be revealed tomorrow, after the Game Awards.

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