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Typing out an overthinking wizard’s thoughts as fast as possible is the quickest way to quote out our Type King Review. Available for PC, which also sparked a thought, what if it was available on the consoles and there was a competition to type using the joypad?

But for now, Steam is your best bet to embark on becoming the Type King. Releasing on 29 February 2023. Here’s our Type King Review!

Type King Review

The Ultimate Test of Type!

As an official reviewer for more than 3 years and using a keyboard for as long as I can remember, I was quite overconfident about playing the game. The game offers 3 types of stages – Typing, Platforming, and Mixed (Left + Right). While the initial two are self-explanatory, the third category is a fusion which challenges you to type with one hand and jump with the other. Each stage has 3 difficulty levels – Easy, Medium, and Hard. While the Easy option is essentially for people who have recently learned to operate a computer, the medium should be everyone’s piece of cake. Hard is where things actually get challenging, which needs your average typing speed to be 60 WPM.

Typing stress-free and random characters on the internet is far easier than typing an overthinking wizard’s chain of thoughts. Mostly because you start focusing on the story too much and lose track of the right punctuation. Playing this game especially while transitioning from a 100% keyboard to a 60% was truly a nightmare, but an essential training to quickly get up to speed with the new keyboard. So yes! If you’re switching to a new keyboard Type King should be a great choice to get familiar with your new keyboard.

The story is really straightforward. You play alongside a wizard who took a nap for a thousand years. Upon waking up, he finds corruption spread across the kingdom and takes it upon himself to climb the towers and transform the kings into adorable puppies.

The Design of Type King

Type King excels in being a great game about typing and the fusion game mode of platforming and typing. The real disappointment comes across while playing the hardest difficulty of just platforming. Platforming feels strange to almost every platformer that I’ve played to date. It follows a peculiar physics of jumping and most jumps have to be pre-planned. The character will not respond to turning around mid-air more than once, which creates a point of no return if you overshoot a platform.

The edges of most of the platforms are also a bit jaggy and force you to struggle. This often becomes a problem when you’re struggling on the edge and eventually overshooting after finding out that the platform was a slippery one all along. Apart from this particular issue, everything else was an enjoyable challenge.

The looped OST is also catchy and perfectly fits the theme of medieval times. The game and level design is also extremely respectable being a 2 people job. The design is quite clearly inspired by the 8-Bit days of the Nintendo, wherein after clearing each level, the character was elevated to the next level, similar to Snow Brothers.


Type King is a straightforward and innovative typing game essenced with nostalgic design styles. While testing your typing skills with a carefully written philosophy of a wizard on purging corruption, you can also take a shot at the slightly infuriating platforming game. Type King also offers a Type + Platform mode which can also be played in Multiplayer.

So if, you’re picking up a new keyboard, don’t forget to pick up Type King to quickly get your fingers adapted.

Type King Review

Type King
75 100 0 1
Type King is a cozy typing game that also offers platforming puzzles separately and as a fusion format as well. With 3 difficulties in each type of gamemode, you are all set for good 3-4 hours of typing training!
Type King is a straightforward typing game with certain innovative elements. This indie game is a great way to test your typing and platforming skills individually or together at the same time.
Total Score
  • Game Design
    80/100 Very good
  • Mechanics and Performance
    70/100 Good
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