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According to a press release from The Creative Assembly, developers of the acclaimed Alien: Isolation, and all the Total War games titled “What the teams are working on February 2019”, the development studio is split into multiple teams, one of them working on the new historical game, Total War – Three Kingdoms. This game is going to feature a new auto-resolve system for battles on the campaign. To quote, “when you choose to delegate a battle and you’re predicted, say, a pyrrhic victory, that’s exactly what you’ll get.”


The New Content team is also working on future content for Total War Three Kingdoms, with one DLC already complete. Whether this will be a pre-order bonus remains to be seen.


As for the meat of this month, the most secretive message comes from the Fantasy New Content Team working on Total War Warhammer 2. They’re working on a new DLC which is “a bespoke feature for one of the WARHAMMER I races that’ll have you bending the knee”. Based on the wording and the image in question (which is a grail), it’s safe to assume that Bretonnia (a free-LC released for the first Warhammer game) is getting an update.


As of last week, the Total War launcher has been updated, and it has a lot of updates including

  • An improved UI for the Mod Manager including a bigger layout, Steam workshop mod description panel, and filters.
  • The ability to change the load order of mods.
  • The latest news, trailers, and DLC for your favourite Total War games.

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