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Since the inception of the Journey to Un’Goro meta, Hearthstone experienced a break from the broken war between aggro and control of the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan meta. In the new meta, there are many varieties of decks to try out, each having its own unique playstyle and win conditions. Most decks feature powerful legendary cards to boost the power of the decks, so if you have 1600 dust ready to craft a shining new legendary, and are confused, worry no more, traveller! We bring before you the top 10 legendaries in the Un’Goro meta.

Be wary that the list does not list legendaries in any particular order, and these 10 legendaries can only be called as the “most relevant” legendaries of the meta. The numbers do not indicate ranks, they are purely for distinguishing one legendary in the list from another.

1) Sunkeeper Tarim :

Murlocs are quite a powerhouse in Un’Goro (maybe the jungle prefers beasts and murlocs?) Occasionally, you need a boost of the creatures you have on board, or to quickly take over grip of a board that you are losing to an enemy who is playing bigger minions every turn. Tarim is the perfect answer , it sets every minion on the board to be 3/3 minions ; irrespective of their stats before Tarim is played. Mostly used in the murloc decks of paladin, as well as several control deathrattle Nzoth based decks, Tarim is one of the most versatile legendaries of the Un’Goro meta, and should be priority craft if you are planning to play Paladin.

2) The Caverns Below :

Journey to Un’Goro meta introduced the new mechanic of ‘quest’, which bestows powerful rewards on being completed. A few days within the launch of Journey to Un’Goro, the true potential of the quest was discovered. The quest is easy to complete, and within the first 4 or 5 turns, will be completed with a bit of luck. Once completed, all minions will be 5/5, which is a huge boost in stats. Once the quest is completed, even the smallest minions become heavily buffed, which seals the opponent’s fate as well as the game itself. One of the newest archetypes for Rogue, it is quite a thing to watch out for on the ranked ladder.

3) Elise the Trailblazer :

One of the most versatile legendaries in a class-legendary-dependent meta, Elise shuffles an Un’goro pack into your deck, which when played adds 5 random Journey to Un’Goro cards to your hand. The draws from the pack can win you the game, if the correct cards come out of the pack. Elise has seen extensive use in control decks ranging from taunt warrior to purify priest, which uses Shadow Visions to discover additional copies of the Un’goro pack hidden within the deck.

4) Lyra the Sunshard :

Elementals are some of the many “things” that inhabit Un’Goro, but tribal synergy is not the reason for Lyra making it to the list. Lyra’s ability means he can be used to get multiple priest spells while Lyra’s health is buffed with the help of Priest cards, which in turn return more Priest spells to help stabilize the board or to buff the health of the minions more. After a large amount of health on a particular minion is obtained , Inner Fire makes the attack equal to the health of the minion, which makes pulling off drastic one-turn-kill combos much easier. Priest has been severely weakened by the Journey to Un’Goro meta, but it doesn’t mean that Priest doesn’t have access to a weak arsenal of cards, and one thing is certain – Lyra is one of them. All variants of priest, starting from dragon priest to deathrattle priest uses the power of Lyra.

5) Medivh, the Guardian :

Another good neutral is Medivh, the Guardian, an icon of Medivh before he was corrupted by the demon lord Archimonde. Medivh replaces the player’s weapon with Atiesh, his staff, which can be used to deal 1 damage and take out pesky creatures, or, in most cases, as is the power of Atiesh, used to summon more creatures. Atiesh is a 1/3 weapon that summons a random minion of the same cost as that of the spell cast by the player. Found in control variants of both mage and priest decks, Medivh is one way to get late game board advantage before rushing in for the win. Medivh is not obtainable through packs, but through the Karazhan adventure, so it is more easily obtained than the other legendaries on this list.

6) Patches, the Pirate :

Despite a transition of meta from the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan to Journey to Un’goro, the popularity of Patches remains the same, as is any aggressive deck utilizing it to get early game board advantage. Whenever a pirate is summoned, Patches is automatically summoned from the deck, with the charge ability, which means that he gets to attack at once. Used in a lot of different aggressive decks, Patches is either used for pesky trades for punching the opponent’s face to death. Whatever be the case, no one don’t deserve to draw Patches in their first turn, which nullifies its best ability of getting a free 1/1 on the board when another pirate is summoned, but RNGesus has something else in mind for them.

7) Finja, the Flying Star :

Murlocs are one of the dominant tribal mechanics that play quite a role in shaping the Un’Goro meta. And two of the best murlocs would be Murloc Warleader, which allows a board filled with murlocs to finish off an opponent with insane burst damage, by giving all murlocs on the board a power boost of +2/+1, and the other one being Finja, the Flying Star, which summons two murlocs from the deck when it destroys an enemy minion. Finja’s has another special power – he has the stealth ability when he enters the field, meaning that he can’t be destroyed as soon as he enters the field. Devastating combos consisting of murloc synergy cards like Murloc Warleader and Gentle Megasaur can be pulled out with the help of Finja, which effectively help seal games.

8) Tirion Fordring :

One of the best class legendaries in the game came not through an expansion, but in the “expert” set that came when Hearthstone launched.  Tirion is a 6/6 minion with the divine shield ability, and a deathrattle ability that gives a player a 5/3 Ashbringer weapon when he dies. The value provided by Tirion is insane for the mana cost of 8, and often seals the fate of a pesky opponent trying repeated attacks on your face. Often used in midrange and control decks as one of the win conditions, Tirion is a valuable craft for any Paladin player. Another positive point is that it belongs to the classic set, which means Tirion is going to stick around in your collection for quite a long time.

9) Edwin Vancleef :

The Un’goro expansion have granted extreme power to rogue, and help revive the class, which was struggling on the ladder. Edwin is a combo card that synergizes with other combo cards that the player might use as a rogue, and gets +2/+2 for every other card played on the turn before Edwin is summoned to the field. Rogue spells are very cheap, and combined with Preparation, they are even cheaper, which increases the power of Edwin, which means he comes into play with a huge body of his own, which in most cases, comes out late enough for the opponent to run out of removals, which means that two turns with the Edwin on board is enough to seal the fate of an opponent. Extremely useful in miracle plays, Vancleef is a valuable craft for any Rogue player. A more important reason to craft him would be he’s going to stick around for a longer period of time, thanks to him being in the evegreen “Classic” set.

10) Alexstrasza :

One of the most powerful dragons and one who brings hope to all control decks at a time midrange and aggro decks dominate the ladder. Alexstrasza’s battlecry is one of a type, and can be used to shoot down an opponent’s health to 15, or set your own health to 15, if you’re too low. Alexstrasza, combined with a few next turn plays can effectively help seal an opponent’s fate. Used in control decks, especially in warrior and mage (Alexstrasza is one of the main components of major mage decks, ranging from freeze mage to burst mage). Sometimes, also used in ramp decks, especially ramp druid, as a powerful healing tool or for sending out a big body late in the game. Whatever be the case, Alexstrasza is powerful, ever more so, because she is a “classic” legendary, and is going to stick around for a longer period of time when you craft her.

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