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We know Humble Bundle as the guys who donate to several social causes through occasional bundles, through which we get software, games, and even e-books for a small fraction of the original price. True to their name, they are back with a new gaming bundle, offering strategy games for a decent price.

The new Humble Strategy Bundle offers the following games :

  1. At the $1.00 tier, the games offered include Dungeon of the Endless, Endless Space Collection,Planetary Annhilation : Titans, as well as the Company of Heroes 2 – Whale and Dolphin Conservation Charity Pattern Pack. Endless Space is a pretty cool 4X turn-based strategy game, and if you’re one with a love for dungeons and strategy, then Dungeon of the Endless is the perfect game for you. Planetary Annhilation : Titans expand on the planetary warfare mechanics of the base game.

2. At the variable cost tier (so-called because its cost depends on the donations of the community, at the time of writing this article,the cost of the tier was $7.11), the games included are Empire : Total War collection, Endless Legend with the Tempest DLC, and a discount coupon for 66% off a purchase of Total War Warhammer from the Humble Store. Empire Total War is one of the better titles in the Total War series, offering warfare on a massive scale, while Endless Legend is a pretty decent turn-based strategy game worth looking at if one is bored of the usual “Civilization clones”.

3. The $12 tier has Endless Space 2 collection and Tooth and Tail up for grabs. Endless Space 2 is a worthy successor to Endless Space,diversifying gameplay on almost all mechanics, while Tooth and Tail is a pretty decent squad-based strategy game.

People wishing to purchase the bundle may do so here. It is a pretty good deal for every strategy nerd out there, besides people who wish to get into strategy.


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