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Theseus: Journey to Athens is an old-school Adventure/RPG in development at Antiquity Studio and scheduled for a release on Steam Q1 2019. A playable, pre-release demo of the first town, Troezen, is available for free.

Set in ancient Greece, this game features old-school adventure and role-playing mechanics.  Your choices will have consequences. The primary goal of this game is to bring the ancient source material to life; if you appreciate classical antiquity and mythology, then this game should fit the bill.

Step into the sandals of Theseus and make your way to Ancient Athens! Your story begins in the small Peloponnesian town of Troezen, where you learn about your father’s identity and a dangerous plot against your life. In light of these startling developments, you must leave under cover of night and discover your family heritage.

Key Features:

-Over 20 unique locations to explore, all based heavily on primary source material.
-Beautiful artwork created by Klaudia Jankowska.
-Original music composed by Michael Landers.
-Detailed choose-your-own-adventure style cut scenes, decorated with historical artwork.
-Turn-based combat with many different opponents and items.
-Player stats and party mechanics that have gameplay consequences.

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