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As of now, we all are aware that Dontnod is developing a sequel to their story-driven game, Life is Strange. However, according to a recent leak, there’s also a prequel coming as well.

Here is the full leaked gallery (via imgur):

The prequel is being developed by Pain developer, Idol Minds, who recently rebranded themselves as Deck Nine Games to focus on the creation of narrative-driven titles and are working on a new addition to a “critically acclaimed franchise” from a “leading AAA video game publisher,” more information on which will be revealed at E3 2017, the company announced in a blog post. These images are probably extracted from Deck Nine’s website which, as of now, can’t be accessed.

Deck Nine has developed a toolset called “StoryForge,” which “provides unparalleled freedom” for Deck Nine’s writers, directors, and artists to tell stories.

“With the creation of our new, proprietary toolset StoryForge and the shift in studio focus, we are removing the shackles from our creative team and bringing together our two passions; meaningful storytelling and rich gameplay,” said Deck Nine vice president Jeff Litchford. “We’ve invested heavily in our staff of incredibly talented developers and in creating some truly remarkable tools. Our game will be announced at E3 this year where you’ll be able to see our efforts for yourself.”

According to rumours, Deck Nine is developing the prequel for a long time now and will explore relationship between Chloe and Rachael.

It also makes sense when you consider Life is Strange is recently included in June’s PlayStation Plus games lineup.

Meanwhile, Dontnod is busy developing Vampyr and once its done they’ll start development on a new Life is Strange sequel.

Well, E3 is now just 10 days of affair we’ll see this prequel in action at the showfloor.

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