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Step into the entrancing universe of ULTROS, unveiled in today’s brand-new gameplay reveal trailer. The eagerly anticipated Metroidvania adventure from Hadoque is set to launch in 2024, promising a transcendental experience exclusively for PlayStation consoles and PC.

Enjoy the visual delights of ULTROS:

ULTROS is a psychedelic sci-fi adventure that creates a beautiful symphony of action and gardening. Players assume the role of Ouji, a nimble sojourner thrust into a visually stunning world of vibrant colors and strange creatures with art from the mind of renowned artist, El Huervo. As Ouji, players will take on bizarre enemies such as Puppaluppas, stringing together combos with satisfying fast, fluid combat and eating their guts to replenish her health and boost her nutritional stats. The frenetic action is counterbalanced with serene gardening gameplay, while the haunting soundtrack, inspired by classical and Peruvian music history, ebbs and flows with its own atmospheric style.

Mårten Brüggemann, game design director at Hadoque said, “With this trailer we wanted to show how the visceral combat and more zen-like gardening intertwine to evolve your character in your first session with ULTROS. We also wanted to introduce some of the enigmatic characters you will meet along your journey. Can’t wait to show you more of the world we’ve dreamed up over the past few years!”

Embark on a poetic journey when ULTROS launches in 2024 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC (via Steam and the Epic Games Store).

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