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 Sony Interactive Entertainment Spain (SIE Spain) announces that Anyone’s Diary will be digitally released on the Playstation Store on January 31st for €12.99 (PEGI 7). The game was developed by Spanish indie studio World Domination Project in the PlayStation Talents Games Camp Valencia, one of the business incubators of the PlayStation Talents support program for local development, along with the help from the local business incubator Lanzadera.

Anyone’s Diary is a PlayStation VR (PS VR) third-person puzzle-platformer. Thanks to virtual reality, players will discover the story of Anyone, a character without identity, gender or age, and help them to get through a distorted city made of paper, solving inner conflicts represented by puzzles. Players control the protagonist Anyone as well as certain parts of their world, experiencing a psychological journey where they will discover Anyone’s fears and hopes through their diary.

Anyone’s Diary was nominated to 3 awards in the PlayStation Talents Awards 2017: Best Art, Press Award, and Best Use of a PlayStation Platform. After the awards, the dev team joined the PlayStation Talents Games Camp program, which granted them access to the business incubator in Valencia with the help of Lanzadera. Since then, they have been working to develop their game with the support of SIE Spain, with the goal of creating a whole new way of playing with PS VR to set themselves apart in the current games market.

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