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Shiver Games is very happy to announce that their third-person adventure game Lucius III is out now for PC via Steam. The atmospheric and slow-paced puzzle adventure comes to Steam with a 10% launch discount, including seven languages and full controller support.

Lucius III returns to its roots in terms of both gameplay and story. The game will play as a narrative adventure, focused around the atmospheric little town of Winter Hill – the very same town where Lucius spent his first six years.

Lucius continues to fulfil the prophecy of the rapture, and finally, we get to see where the road takes us. The story will include his signature gruesome violence and disturbing images, but this time there will be some heartfelt moments of regret and sorrow.

Lucius III retails at $19.99.

Game features:
– Experience an In-depth and carefully crafted story, which takes the player through a wide range of emotional experiences.
– Feel the full experience of playing the villain protagonist.
– Experience the atmospheric and detailed environments.
– Use powerful magical abilities to help your cause.
– Explore the seamless little town of Winter Hill.
– Over 20 tracks of original music that compliments to the atmosphere of the game.

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