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Twinfinite has reported that The Surge 2 will have online features that will let you influence other players experiences.

Deck 13 has confirmed that The Surge 2, the sequel to the Dark-Sous-esque sci-fi RPG, will feature some kind of online features. The confirmation came from a behind-closed-doors demo on the game, as well as an interview Twinfinite had with the game. However, this doesn’t mean that co-op or multiplayer is planned for the game.

According to Jan Klose, the creative director for The Surge 2 at Deck13, the game will have online features that let you influence other players games. During their interview, Klose told Twinfinite that “we really do love multiplayer gaming, and right now we have planned lots of online features there. There’s no synchronous co-op or multiplayer gameplay planned right now, but so far we’re starting with some online features where you can influence other gamer’s experience in a way. So this will definitely be there, and the other stuff has to be seen maybe further in the future. But we’re looking into that stuff very much.”

The Surge 2 is currently scheduled to release sometime in 2019 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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