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In celebration of Summer Solstice, developer Fatshark have overhauled the aesthetics of Taal’s Horn Keep, the players’ base of operations in Warhammer: Vermintide 2.

No longer looming with the sense of dread and desperation, Taal’s Horn Keep now looks vivid with cheery colors and decorations. Now if that wasn’t enough, from 9 am PST on Friday (6th) to 9 am PST Monday (9th), players will receive experience points at double the rate. In addition, you can complete a new Event Quest to unlock an exclusive summer themed  Portrait Frame.

Alongside the event, Fatshark have also taken this chance to release the latest hotfix for Vermintide 2, which primarily focuses on fixing some clipping issues as well as improve the audio warning mechanics for special mobs.

The Sonnstill Celebrations event is live right now, and will be up and running til July 12.

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