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One of India’s most loved games, IGG’s Lords Mobile is played by 100s of thousands of Indian Gamers every day and is rapidly becoming the game of choice for Indian strategy gamers.

Lords Mobile is the most popular 4X game on mobile (4X stands for Explore, Expand, Exploit and Exterminate) as of now. Players build their castles, armies and work together with their guild to become an overlord of their kingdom. Players team up with friends to form a guild of up to 100 members, and more active the guild – faster is the progress in the game.

There are many parts which are currently contributing to the viral craze for the game. Apart from the usual, economy building, army building and Monster (NPC) battling; the game has elements which allow players to fight each other individually (Colosseum – PvP-mode), in teams (Guild Wars), and at kingdom levels. Game Developers say the incorporation of popular RPG style gameplay in the MMO format on the mobile is one of the unique aspects of Lords Mobile.

India has seen a marked increase in not just game consumption but game streaming. There are now a growing number of streamers playing Lords Mobile and are streaming it on facebook / YouTube and other platforms. Adding to the rise of gaming creators is the new Lords Mobile Community efforts in the form of LordsMobileGamers.com which is featuring India’s popular streamers, players and guilds weekly. The Facebook group of Lords Mobile also is a destination for discussions and hanging out with other Lords Mobile players. New players can also talk to experienced guild owners for joining their ranks.

Thousands of Indian gamers are active today, with some of them pertaining to specific colleges or gaming cafes. The gamer community in India is coming abuzz with online and offline activities for these gamers to compete with each other.

Stay tuned as we cover the growth of Mobile Gaming and Lords Mobile in India further!

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