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The Pale City, a story-driven indie RPG inspired by Planescape Torment, is now available on Steam

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Dark Light

The Pale City is a story-driven, dark fantasy RPG with an emphasis on characterization and atmosphere that just came out a few days ago on STEAM. The game was developed over a period of 7 years by novelist Kyle Muntz (Scary People and Green Lights) who cites CRPG classic Planescape: Torment as the game’s main inspiration.

Watch the launch trailer for The Pale City below:

A world where children aren’t born—they crawl out of tunnels in the ground. A lone city, beneath the gaze of a silent god, home to strange cults who eat the dead. The Pale City is the story of a mercenary hired to find the last, most powerful artifact of a sorcerer who disappeared lifetimes ago. But the search pits him against powerful people in hidden places, towards a secret buried somewhere in terrible darkness.

In the words of the developer-

As a lifelong fan of RPGs and storytelling in video games, this project is a very personal attempt to combine influences from everything I love: to begin with the sheer wonder of Planescape Torment, tether it to the focused storytelling of Earthbound or Final Fantasy, and infuse it with the cerebral atmospherics of adventure games such as Kentucky Route Zero or Pathologic.”

Main Features

  • An Unconventional, Character-Driven Narrative:
    Written and designed by novelist Kyle Muntz, The Pale City tells the story of one man’s struggle against a merciless world and the emptiness inside himself.
  • A Handcrafted, Semi-Open World:
    Every room has a purpose; every battle has meaning; every step you take tells you more about yourself.
  • The Price of Survival:
    Tense, unforgiving combat that rewards close observation and careful use of skills, where defense is often more important than offense.
  • The Brutality of Existence:
    In a city without heroes, can you bear to see the consequences of your actions?

The Pale City is now available for purchase on STEAM for ₹ 224.

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