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There are three things that make an Obsidian game special to me; their flawed masterpiece-iness, choice-driven gameplay and Chris Avellone. While Chirs Avellone is long gone and I hope for them to omit out the flawed aspects, I expect choice-driven gameplay to be at the center of the narrative in The Outer Worlds.

Oh, what we wouldn’t do to be Game Informer right now. Those slick boys are getting a slew of Obsidian’s upcoming RPG, The Outer Worlds, straight from the mouth of the crew working on it. According to a recent interview they had with Daniel Alpert, the Art Lead on The Outer Worlds,  Obsidian is creating special pieces of art for loading screens that reflect the actions you, as the player takes.

“As you play through, you affect story events. You get these loading screens that are like newspaper-printed images of things the player has done,” he told GameInformer. “In a single playthrough, you can’t get all the newspaper images.” Just take my money already Obsidian!

To further stitch these pieces together with the world-building and lore, Obsidian has designed them to look and feel like propaganda created by the corporations that run each world. Father of Fallout, Leonard Boyarsky explained that the art team wanted to do something where you were seeing images or propaganda based on what you had done and they eventually settled on the corporation propaganda angle.

“It came together when we decided that it was told from the Board’s [the corporate ruling body in The Outer Worlds] point of view. These are from Board-operated newspapers and periodicals,” he revealed. “If you’re doing stuff the Board approves of, you’re a hero. If you’re doing anti-Board stuff, it’s an ‘evil, mysterious stranger plotting against us’ kind of thing.” Just like in real life.

Moreover, players can expect to see the hustle and tussle between the corporations that rule various planets throughout the game. The Outer World? More like The Outer Globalization. Give me five…urgh…I’ll see myself out.

The Outer Worlds is set to launch for PC, PS4 and Xbox One later this year.

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