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It has been an eventful month for Naughty Dog. From leaks to controversies, overwhelming critical reception to middling user reviews, review bombing to record sales – The Last of Us Part II will forever be etched in videogame history as one of the most polarising games ever released. The controversies surrounding the team doesn’t seem to be stopping there.

Naughty Dog, the team behind creating The Last of Us Part 2, is now receiving death threats and harassment from the online community on a daily basis.

Laura Bailey, the actor who voiced Abby in the game is receiving death threats over her social media, including direct threat messages not just to her, but her family as well.

These hate messages and harassments have increased to such an extent that the studio had to go public about the matter and publish the following tweet.

The hate is not only limited to Laura, but also directed towards Neil Druckmann, the director of The Last of Us Part 2. He posted the following:

.Like Druckmann said, you can love or hate the game and can voice your opinion in a professional manner. But no developer or people involved in the making of games should suffer through such hateful actions. This kind of behavior should not be tolerated in any industry.

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