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The DOTA 2 International 2018 is here, and with it comes the exclusive Battle Pass, allowing players to unlock cosmetics while leveling it up. Along with it comes a host of other in-game activities and changes for the festive esports season in DOTA 2.

A new game mode in the form of “a multi-team dungeon clash” will be available for all Battle Pass owners to complete. Players enter deep into Roshan’s lair, the Underhollow. Roshan’s lair is host to a number of daunting challenges, including numerous obstacles and huge beasts. Be the team to survive the onslaught, and you will be rewarded with an influx of Battle Points, and of course, the rare wheel of cheese called the Roshefort Wheel.

Another new game mode called Cavern Crawl, allows players to receive exclusive item sets, bonus Battle Points or even a super rare Jade Baby Roshan courier if you’re lucky! In order to be eligible for the rewards, players need to win normal DOTA 2 matches with specific heroes.

A Mutation mode is added for casual play, where random modifiers change the experience every game. New additions also include sprays, which can be equipped using the chat wheel and used in various places in the map, which can be seen by both enemies and friends.

A new Team Challenge mode allows a squad of Battle Pass owners to challenge players of a higher MMR rating to a game of competitive DOTA 2. Defeat the stronger opponents, and the whole team gets bonus battle points and a substantial MMR boost. Cosmetic looks for creeps are now available, and can be equipped from the Global loadout. If that isn’t incentive enough, players with particularly strong roles in games can select their role preference while searching for a game. In-game tipping is another unique feature that allows play

Battle Pass owners also get the International Compendium, and from this year, can bet on pro circuit matches for additional Battle Points starting from the MDL Changsha Major. Purchases of “team items” for supporting particular teams will also be a thing, so be sure to let loose the support openly! As is the case with every year, 25% of the proceeds go towards the prize pool for the International 2018. Older features like the “wheel of rewards”, token wagering, recycling of immortals for Battle Points will stay on as characteristic features of the Battle Pass.

With all new skins,emotes, announcers, treasures and other cosmetic items being bundled as part of the Battle Pass, your next few months of DOTA 2, upto the International 2018, are going to be a hell lot more exciting.


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