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NVIDIA announced a refresh of the popular GTX 1070 with new GDDR5X memory. The announcement comes shortly after the announcement release of the GTX 1060 with GDDR5X memory with slightly amplified memory clocks.

                                                                                 The new GTX 1070 runs at a frequency of 1607 MHz, reaching frequencies upto 1797 MHz with GPU boost. The memory clock speed sticks to 8 GHz, and features 8 GB of VRAM across a 256 bit wide memory bus. The refresh is not much different from the original 1070, with the only difference being the increased headroom for overclocking because of the GDDR5X memory. Currently the only board partner having stocks of the new 1070 is ZOTAC.

                                                                                 The move is surprising, since it comes after the release of the current gen RTX graphics cards, especially at a time when details about next gen 7nm GPUs have leaked out.

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