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Recently, the developers releases an update for The Division which introduces many new additions to the game such as loot trading, new daily and weekly assignments, new gear sets, a new Incursion and more.

Apart from bringing those new cool additions to the game, it also came up with a serious issue.

As seen on Reddit, Xbox One players were complaining that after the update they are not able to locate their characters. For some, this happened the first time they tried logging in after applying the patch. Others managed to log-in once, but had their characters go missing on later attempts. However, PS4 and PC players seems to be unaffected by the patch.

Furthermore, Ubisoft acknowledged the issue on Twitter and promises to investigate the matter soon.

We are aware that some players may have seen their characters gone missing since Update 1.1. The issue is being investigated.

– The Division (@TheDivisionGame)

Unfortunately, it’ll not get fixed by the coming hotfix as it needs “further investigation”.

Please note that the missing character issue will require further investigation and will not be resolved with the upcoming hotfix

– The Division (@TheDivisionGame)

Well, there are no words from the developers if you’ll get your characters back or if you’ve to create a new one, but let’s just hope to get you’re characters back.

*UPDATE: The developers has now confirmed in a blog post that the issue has been completely fixed, and the players who had lost their agents will soon be restored.

The studio also clarifies the reason behind this awful error, the issue was caused by a malfunctioning server that wasn’t synchronizing character data correctly after the update. When the corrupted data from the server reached client consoles, the game was unable to read the data, and tossed it out the metaphorical window. This meant that, although the player’s saved character technically existed on the server side of things, the game assumed nothing was there due to an error in reading that data.

In order to actually restore the agent data, Ubisoft Massive needs to take down the servers. We’ll keep you notified when timings for this down time declared.

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