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4K gaming has been there in the PC community for a long time now, but as usual with any stride in technology, it has been limited to the enthusiast section, but with more powerful GPUs becoming cheaper and being able to run games at more than 1080p resolutions, 4K is becoming more and more achievable, in fact any one with a GTX 1060 can run pretty much any game on 4K 30 fps (Barely). 60 fps is something that PC gamers strive for and till now, that barrier has just been broken barely by cards like GTX 1080 and Titan XP. Now the chase for 4K 144 Hz has started and Asus has launched it’s 4K 144 Hz monitor for those extreme enthusiasts.

This version of the ROG Swift measures in at 27-inches, the panel itself uses Quantum Dot technology so you can expect high colour accuracy but it also supports HDR, so it also is one of the first monitors to introduce HDR as a feature.

The PG27UQ has a peak brightness of 1,000cd/m² and a high contrast ratio so you can expect excellent quality in light and dark images. However, much like Asus’s other ROG Swift monitors, this one will also feature a G-Sync, so Nvidia graphics card users can take advantage of smooth, tear-free gameplay and synchronise the monitor’s refresh rate to the amount of frames being pumped out by the GPU. The ROG Swift PG27UQ comes with two DisplayPort 1.4 connections and one HDMI 2.0 port.

I am personally surprised to see a 4K 144 Hz monitor right now, because even high end PCs are somehow able to manage 4K 60 fps and along with HDR this makes it even more surprising.

The price prediction of this monitor is around 2000$ considering that it is a 4K 144 Hz monitor along with HDR and minimal input lag. We just hope that Asus doesn’t overprice it.

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