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Terra Memoria is a tribute to the timeless appeal of the RPG genre. Crafted by the French developer La Moutarde and released by Dear Villagers, the game pays homage to the iconic 90s RPGs by merging classic sprite-based visuals with contemporary 3D settings, offering an experience that is both reminiscent and novel.

Terra Memoria was released on March 27, 2024. It’s now available on Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

World of Crystalline Dominion

In “Terra Memoria,” a world grapples with a critical shortage of crystals, vital for its technological and magical capabilities. Concurrently, the realm suffers from mysterious robotic assaults. The game invites players to embody various characters, each distinct in their history and drive, to demystify these conundrums. The story explores themes of resource depletion, the convergence of sorcery and innovation, and the connections that unite the protagonists.

The narrative begins with Moshang, a Mercki Mage, who emerges as an unexpected protagonist due to his tribe’s inherent aversion to magic. This premise lays the groundwork for a tale that frequently subverts typical RPG conventions. The game’s universe is inhabited by diverse anthropomorphic species, ranging from the robust, rhinoceros-resembling Merckis to the elegant, fox-like Karsaks, all depicted in meticulously crafted sprites that infuse the game’s realm with character and vitality.

Overall, the story unfolds gradually during the buildup and may seem slow-paced, but it becomes somewhat redeeming and worthwhile by the conclusion. It may not be the finest from the publisher, but it certainly ranks among the notable titles released lately.

Where 2D meets 3D

Terra Memoria offers a visual delight, with its sprites exquisitely animated against three-dimensional backgrounds that are rich in detail and reminiscent of classic games like Breath of Fire and Wild Arms. The game’s environments are thoughtfully created, providing an immersive experience in the various towns, dungeons, and landscapes. Notably, the game’s culinary visuals deserve praise for their intricate design that could easily provoke genuine cravings.

The game features a conventional turn-based battle system that focuses on strategic planning and character cooperation. Although it does not introduce novel concepts, it provides a robust and gratifying combat experience that genre aficionados will recognize. The level design is well-executed, presenting dungeons that are sufficiently challenging yet not exasperating, and towns brimming with vibrancy and interactive possibilities. However, seasoned RPG players may find the difficulty level somewhat lacking.

Terra Memoria confidently showcases its influences from classics such as Grandia and the Atelier series, yet it distinguishes itself as a uniquely charming and captivating RPG. This game is poised to attract both seasoned enthusiasts of the genre and novices seeking an approachable introduction to RPG adventures.

Real Talk

Terra Memoria epitomizes the core appeal of RPGs. The narrative is functional yet captivating, the characters are charming, and the world is intricately crafted. Although the combat might seem monotonous to some, and the third act appears somewhat hurried, the total experience is highly rewarding for RPG enthusiasts.


Terra Memoria

Terra Memoria
70 100 0 1
A shortage of magic crystals and the sudden awakening of ancient robots leads six new friends on an incredible investigation across Terra – a cozy and fantastic world that combines 3D and pixel art.
A shortage of magic crystals and the sudden awakening of ancient robots leads six new friends on an incredible investigation across Terra – a cozy and fantastic world that combines 3D and pixel art.
Total Score

The Good

  • Intriguing Story
  • JRPG inspired Elements
  • Great 2D/3D Pixel Art

The Bad

  • Underwhelming Third Act
  • Repetitive Combat
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