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Resident Evil Revelations Collection, a bundle of the two Revelations games for the Nintendo Switch is releasing later this month (November 28 to be precise) and thanks to InsideGames we finally have new details about performance and features.

  • Both the Revelations games on Switch are based on the PS4/XB1 versions.
  • When docked, Revelations will run at 1080p 60 FPS, however Revelations 2 is 1080p 30 FPS (due to enhanced graphics engine). Both will be 720p when in handheld mode.
  • Motion controls and HD Rumble are supported.
  • Motion controls can be used by holding down the ZL button and moving the right Joycon; this allows for a variety of gestures to be performed, like making a slashing motion to use your knife or even to reload your gun. They are optional though and can be turned off in the settings in favor of traditional controls.
  • HD Rumble enables more accurate vibration feedback not seen in other versions of the game.
  • Revelations 2 also supports split Joycons for each of the two players. However due to the decreased number of buttons on each Joycon (compared to the standard setup), a new control scheme will be used; no details on that though.
  • Not just that, but two players can also pair up their Switches for local co-op.

There will also be support for subtitles and voice acting in multiple languages. The Collection will include all previously released DLC for both games (plus exclusive minigames) and will cost $40 ($20 for each game). Both can be purchased individually as well, on the eShop; the physical copy will come with a cartridge for Revelations but a digital download code for Revelations 2.

So far it sounds like a good deal for those who missed out on the two Revelations games. Are you planning to pick this up?

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