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The list of invitees for the Master Leagues of the ESL India Premiership grow longer, and longer. This is only a feeling – tournaments are coming. So are more invites to the former champions who went down fighting in the previous seasons of the ESL India Premiership. The fourth invitee to the DOTA 2 Master League is the one and only Team ReckoninG, one of the “veteran underdogs” of the scene.

Team ReckoninG has had a decent run in the winter season of the ESL India Premiership last year, wowing the audiences with their brilliant thinking in the strategy game that is DOTA 2. With a decent squad that is worthy of competing with the veterans of the scene, ReckoninG is more than ready for the ESL India Premiership.

Team ReckoninG joins the DOTA 2 Master League as the fourth invitee, after Signify, ROG Titans, and Akatsuki, leaving out eight more invite slots left to be filled.

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