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In a country where gaming is still a hobby of a very small group of people, it is difficult to score success in esports. It gets even harder to prove yourself when you’re female since esports is still a male-dominated field. Naturally, success in such a ‘niche’ field is hard-earned and well respected. Team Rayne, one of India’s only female professional esports teams have proved their mettle in such an atmosphere – they have won the Central Asian Qualifiers for the League of Valkyries 2019 CSGO tournament.

Team Rayne had a flawless run in the qualifiers, scoring a 16-6 win against Team Nyx and a 16-2 win against Team Meraki. The victory allows them to participate in the finals at Bangkok, where the world’s best ‘Valkyries’ will assemble to decide who takes home the trophy.

Team Rayne’s lineup included:-

Mansi ‘MatkAQueeN’ Sottany
Dilraj ‘COCO’ Kaur
Neha ‘CaspeR’ Sottany
Saloni ‘Meow16K’ Pawar
Twinkle ‘Rose’ Sheroff
Zarin ‘Athena’ Nawar (stand-in)


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