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Indian esports has been making quite some progress in all spheres, primarily in DOTA 2 and Counter Strike : Global Offensive. Team Entity Gaming had recently made a decent appearance at the BenQ Zowie eXTREMESLAND 2017, ultimately getting out by a defeat at the hands of B.O.O.T dreamScape. And now, India is ready to send a delegation of four players to try and have a shot at the cup in what is the first cross-country cup in Asia (called the 1nE Cup).

Team A of Rocket League India consists of the following players:

  1. Utkarsh ‘Fibo’ Raturi
  2. Lakshya ‘Chaos Adm’ Gupta
  3. Rahul ‘FTW Rahul’ Poundarik
  4. Jeff ‘XYZ’

Team B of Rocket League India consist of the following players :

  1. Sarang “Guacamole” Pramod
  2. Anudeep “Anudeep” B Shetty
  3. Rahul “Starmelon” Kumar Singh

The Cup will be live on 5th November and on 12th November for seeing Team India play in the big arena.

Even viewers are assured rewards for viewing the streams, as giveaways are guaranteed for everyone who are watching the stream.

Team Indiannoob congratulates Rocket League India for this success, and hope they get to perform to the best of their potential in the tournament.

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