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These community events are becoming quite a thing these days. I have just finished donating my Fractline Shards for the Empyrean Restoration in Destiny 2, and here I am ready to be pulled into another one. And this one can grant me a real-life Platinum Trophy. Color me interested.

In the PlayStation Player Celebration, the PS4 community will be tasked with 2 goals across multiple stages. Each stage, when completed, will result in various rewards for the community and for the lucky leaders in those stages. What are the tasks you ask me, well it’s pretty simple, the first task is playing various games on your PS4 for one hour each. The second task is playing said games and unlocking trophies. You can check out the detailed rules on the PlayStation Blog.

The celebration/community event starts Feb 24th, so there is still time for you to register, and take part in it. With Sony missing PAX East, GDC and E3 this year, this event may be a way to make up for all that, but it does look like to be straightforward and simple, to begin with. Let us know in the comments if you plan to take part in the competition.

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