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101XP and Brezg Studios have revealed that their politically charged strategy game For the People is coming to Steam and on July 30th. In this tongue-in-cheek look at the USSR’s totalitarian regime, you assume the role of Francis River, the newly elected mayor in the Soviet inspired Commonwealth of Orange Collectives. From the start this is a difficult position, as you must walk the line between enforcing the status quo and bringing about change, making challenging moral and political decisions regarding economic distribution and social policies. How far are you willing to go… for the people?

As mayor of Iron-1 you will be expected to strike a balance between strengthening your political party to maintain power and working towards the nation’s long term growth, while also keeping the people happy. You will soon find that this is an inherently impossible task. There is no pleasing everyone, and your ethics and morals will constantly be tested as you are torn between different allegiances and values.

Resource management plays a large role in your efficacy as mayor – you must ensure that your town-forming plant is well stocked with resources and that the workers are kept happy. Plus, some of the town’s districts are in constant need of resources, such as raw materials for light industry, fuel and food supplies, and especially vital during a pandemic – pharmaceutical drugs. A single error could cause the situation to spiral out of control, and before you know it you’ll have an uprising on your hands.

In addition to managing the town’s resources and keeping your party and people happy, you must also lead up severe crime investigations with the help of town committee-appointed agents. The success of each investigation depends on the agent’s aptitude, their reputation, personality and physical abilities, so all of these factors must be weighed when you assign them to cases, because their failure will come back on you. And all the while you are being watched. By your political party and by the people.

Every decision has consequences, with more than five different possible endings to the game. The ultimate fate of this parallel world lies heavily on your shoulders as you untangle a web of political intrigue and decide what kind of mayor you want to be. Will you lead your town to democracy or keep it firmly under your thumb as an unyielding dictator? Will your party serve the people or will your people serve the party? The choice is yours. Don’t make the wrong one…

“The topics that For The People addresses are more relevant now than ever,” said Olga Makushenko, Managing Director of Premium Games at 101XP. “You have greater agency in how to shape the world, though as you’ll see, this comes with its own challenges. Managing a polarized populace, appeasing your party, and ensuring the economy thrives can be a great burden. We look forward to hearing what stories emerge from your time as mayor of Iron-1!”


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