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Keep Your Enemies Close with New DLC Content for the Sci-Fi Grand Strategy Game

 Paradox Interactive, a publisher and developer of games where this only sometimes means war, today announced on stage at PDXCON 2019 that Stellaris will get a major diplomacy-themed expansion with Federations later this year. The pen is mightier than the plasma launcher in this expansion that focuses on the galactic community and its internal politics with expanded capabilities for federations and the establishment of a powerful galactic senate. Additionally, Paradox announced a new species pack including a race of sapient rocks, or Lithoids, with rock solid new gameplay which is available for pre-order now for a suggested retail price of $7.99 / £5.79 / €7.99 and will launch on October 24.

Check out the Lithoids and Federations trailers below! The Federations Expansion and Lithoids Species Pack can be pre-ordered at a storefront of one’s choice below:
Federations Expansion

Lithoids Species Pack

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