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Over a decade of Steam sales, users have accumulated many Steam games in their library, but few games have ever seen the light of recognition. Thousands of games, yet a few addictive ones are all that ever see play. Valve knows the magnitude of the problem, and their “Spring Cleaning” event is aimed at weeding out the games from the library which were gathering dust all along.

The event aims to help players find games of their interest and explore titles they purchased, but never played. For the duration of the event, choose a qualifying game and play it, or let Steam’s automated system make the suggestions for you. Complete daily objectives as well as one time objectives (called ‘Projects’) to earn trophies and a profile badge. Complete more tasks to level up the badge by earning more trophies.

The daily tasks reset every day, and completion helps one progress towards a trophy, and in turn,the profile badge.

‘Projects’ are objectives that grant greater progression towards trophies than dailies, but can be completed only once.

What’s more, if you have not enough games in your library to explore some decent titles, then every weekend, Steam allows a certain number of games to be played for free. While ‘Free Weekends’ are already a feature, the magnitude of games supporting the feature has been toned up for the duration of the event.

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