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If you weren’t happy about the gifting changes done by Steam recently, where you won’t be able to store gifts for gifting later, or even where you can send your pen-friend who lives abroad that game as a gift, because Valve cares more about traders and how they are exploiting the gifting system to their benefit than the general users, then be prepared for good news, because Valve now allows gifting of gift cards over Steam.

The gifting denominations, in Indian currency, are available in 320 INR, 640 INR, 1600 INR, 3200 INR and 6400 INR. Now you can gift anyone, even people in other countries. If you gift people in some other region, the price will be converted to their own currency, and they will be able to use them. The gift recipient’s Steam account gets funds in their Steam wallet, which they can use on the Steam community market, or any in-game market (such as in the one of Counter Strike : Global Offensive, DOTA 2, Team Fortress 2), or just purchase a game on the Steam store.

This is another good step taken by Steam , which will have consequences in a market like India, where a majority of gamers can’t access Steam due to a lack of credit facilities with international transaction features.

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