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A few hours ago Cloud Imperium Games released a new Alpha trailer showcasing the supplements for their newest game Star Citizen which is supposedly a PC exclusive title. This game quickly rose to high standards by gaining immense popularity in 2012 and is still one of the most crowdfunded games on Kickstarter (a popular crowdfunding website).

The new trailer exhibits some really interesting increments into the game.


  • Three new moons have been added to the Crusader system; Yela, Cellin, and Daymar.


  • The new moons will also have outposts on their surface to explore.
  • The surface lightings were improved.


  • Two new mission givers have been added; Miles Eckhart (first seen in the Gamescom video) and Ruto to provide missions to players.


  • The planet Delamar and the landing zone, Levski have been added
  • There is some remaining shop kiosk implementation to be completed for 3.0.0 resulting in a slight delay.

Wikipedia says that the game is to be officially released in 2017, but it is still unclear when the full release or even the beta will come out.

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