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Sony President Andrew House in a recent interview revealed that Xbox was not the major threat to their platform at the moment. Instead PC has become PS4’s main competitor due to people wanting more power or simply wanting more options, whatever the reasons be. Here is the statement:

I saw some data that really influenced me. It suggested that there’s a dip mid-console life-cycle where the players who want the very best graphical experience will start to migrate to PC, because that’s obviously where it’s to be had. We wanted to keep those people within our ecosystem by giving them the very best and very highest [performance quality]. So the net result of those thoughts was PlayStation 4 Pro – and, by and large, a graphical approach to game improvement.

So according to him, PS4 Pro is aiming to keep the people who own the PS4 and want the highest graphical fidelity that the cost can provide and want a premium experience. Of course the PS4 Pro can also act as an entering medium for many people who have not gotten into PS4 till now, which is totally fine, but his statement is also flawed at that exact point. Well if he is aiming for those who already own the PS4 and are thinking of moving to the PCs due to the best quality per cost, the reason has only been beaten.


If someone has owned a PS4 and is looking to buy a PS4 Pro, he/she has already smoked 800$, just for the hardware. Add another 180$ for the PSN, just for playing multiplayer and the cost goes up to about a 1000$ (After this November 10th of course). Don’t say that you get games from the subscription, I have seen many people complaining about the quality of games and anyways there are 100s of good F2P games on the PC. Now consider a person who built a 600 $ PC at almost the same time (4 months after the launch) as the launch of this generation’s consoles with a more powerful processor and a slightly not-so-decent GPU will have some configuration of around an i7 4th gen, a decent PSU and a GTX 750Ti, which has better performance than the PS4. Now if the person wants to play games at 1080p ultra settings or 2K high settings or even delve into native 4K at 30 fps, all he/she has to do is slot in a GTX 1060 for 250$ and the games will run pretty smoothly on almost any resolution. That amounts a total of 850$ (For a custom built of course.)


Now many of you might say, that the person who owns a PS4 will just sell it. Well, I don’t think a launch PS4 will sell for more than 150$ second considering that a better model is available for the price of 300$, so it comes down to the same price of 850$. Also worth noting is the fact that the price depreciation of consoles over time is quite faster than individual PC components. So at the end of the day if someone has bought the PS4 and is going to buy a PS4 Pro for the graphical prowess (Mind you, here I’m only considering performance and not the exclusives part), the PC is clearly the more cost efficient of both platforms.

Now buying a new system is in a majority of cases is a big thing, 400$ is quite a big amount. Any logical person would take into account all these factors of course. If a person owns a PS4 and a 1080p TV, he would rather go for a PC, because most games (The multiplatform ones) are better experienced on PCs and you get a whole lot of exclusives of course. For those few PS4 exclusives, the person can keep his PS4, because generally, those games are well optimized and run at a solid 30 fps on the console, which is mostly what the PS4 Pro is going to offer on an upscaled resolution. A person would logically get a PC and would upgrade in another 3 years when the next PS will be out (If it comes). The positive side of this is that most PS4 Exclusives are single player games and even if they have multiplayer, it is nothing unique which is not on PC, so the cost of PSN is eliminated.

But well this is my opinion with a logical approach, what do you guys think? Those of you who own a PS4, would you get a PS4 Pro or are moving to a PC and keeping your old PS4? Let us know in the comments below.

  1. Graphics on ps4 is great on fhd tv. Its true that multiplats are not as optimized as exclusives, so there are some games with really not so good performance. I have ps4 and also gaming notebook. I had ps3 and gaming desktop. I realized Im happy enough with ps. I dont need pc even if I stay with ps4 and not upgrading to pro.

    I think maybe technicians will skip ps pro but most people listen to 4k, better effects, better vr…and hell its only 100 bucks more ! 🙂 I think mainly newcomers will buy pro. But Slim is important here! You know…father goes for Slim, because 300 bucks is not so much for a new console. And look, there is also pro man, try it. You see much better graphics, smoother and its only 100 more …. Another pro sold :-))

  2. Seeing how low the percentage of 1440p and higher is on Steam I recon many that want to dip their toes in 4K gaming will take a long hard look at the PS4Pro before forking over for a PC and all that follows with it compared to a console. Both positive and negative.

    $399 is a damn good deal for a what you get in the PS4Pro. It’s just to bad they skipped the 4K optical drive. But then again their data based on 120 million PS3 and PS4 consoles says it’s not worth it. But it would look better on paper if it was a part of the PS4Pro for sure.

    1. Well, it is less on Steam right now, but when the RX 480 and GTX 1060 will be back to their original price tags of 200$ and 250$, it’ll be easier for people to build a native 4K 30 fps PC within the same 450-500$ range. But the main thing holding back 4K right now, is the lack of 4K monitors and TVs, so even if people have the RX 480 or GTX 1060, many might be gaming on 1080p ultra or 2K settings. So we can’t say that for sure.

  3. I play consoles primarily for the exclusives. It is never the hardware that sells me, it’s the software. If I buy the best parts available for my pc, if I don’t get quality programs to run on it, what’s the point? Even if the ps4 never changed, never upgraded, the entire gen as the ps3 didn’t, there are many games for that system I want to play that I can’t play anywhere else. I refuse to miss The Last of Us 2. The only
    way I’m not playing games like that is if I am no longer drawing breath. I have my pc for pc exclusives, and for many multiplats. I have my ps4 for Sony exclusives, and occasionally multiplats I want for it.

    I fully intend to upgrade my pc next year, if/when Cannonlake cpu and Volta gpu make their debuts, but that is fully independent from consoles for me. I don’t even look at them the same. I know I will
    probably pick up a pro, because I have an oled and I imagine the games will look very nice on it, particularly Horizon Zero Dawn, Persona 5, God of War, Detroit Become Human, etc. etc. etc. One has nothing to do with the other to me. If I had to choose just one, it would probably give me a stroke. I really wouldn’t want to have to give up anything. Fortunately, I don’t have to.

  4. Here is my PC that I built last year. My cousin donated his i7 3770k and motherboard… but a lot were so wrong… the ram was 4gb, the psu was busted and it originally came with a GT 630, the cpu had a stock cooler. I upgraded the ram, upgraded, the GPU [GTX 960 4GB OC], and the PSU. Now I am aiming with more ram and more storage xD also I need to clean this thing ._.

        1. Sorry buddy, I never claimed the PS4 Pro does native 4k for ALL games, you are the one claiming that the Pro only upscales to 4k from 1080p which I’ve been trying to convince you off that it’s not true.

          And this video does just that, at 1:32 he says “What we’re seeing is the next best thing though, a two times increase in pixel count over 1080p which is then reconstructed using Sony’s patented checkerboard method” which proves YOU wrong buddy. TWO TIMES THE PIXEL COUNT OF 1080P

          It’s funny tho, you keep calling other people dumb while apparently you can’t even understand English properly.

        1. I know it’s not native 4k, anyone who thought the PS4 Pro (or Scorpio) would be capable of that for ALL GAMES was living in a fantasy.

          Hvd is saying that the Pro only upscales from 1080p which this video disproves…

          He’s a desperate Xbox fan, the Xbox which has been upscaling 720p and 900p on many a game, they are used to it…

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