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In an interview with GameSpot, Shinji Mikami (renowned for birthing the Resident Evil franchise as well as directing both The Evil Within games) expressed an interest in bringing the upcoming sequel to the acclaimed 2014 survival horror game to Nintendo’s hybrid console, saying:

“I think a Switch version would be interesting. I’d like to try it if I had the chance.”

While this is in no way a confirmation of any kind, there’s at least a chance that the game may come to Switch considering Bethesda is the publisher; they’ve been on a roll lately, what with them announcing massive support for Nintendo’s system with Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, DOOM and Wolfenstien II: The New Collosus. So a future Switch port is not unlikely.

He also added that he doesn’t own a Switch yet:

“First I’d like to buy a Switch myself; I had to borrow Zelda with the Switch from another staff member to play it.”

The Evil Within 2 launches on October 13 for PC, PS4 and XB1. Would you like to see the game come to the Switch?

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