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Overwatch League’s Shanghai franchise now has a name: the Shanghai Dragons.

a Team Lead by Chinese internet technology company, Netease, the Shanghai Dragons is the first team to reveal their official logo and team name.

“The Shanghai Dragons will represent their home country on the global esports stage by demonstrating courage and a spirit of teamwork,” Netease said.

 The Shanghai Dragons, or 上海龙之队 in Chinese, have appropriately been immortalized in Overwatch history with the new Mei skin pictured above. Mei sports the teams red and black colors and even has the teams logo emblazoned on her jacket.
This quote taken from the official English press release gives some insight on the logo’s design:

” In Chinese culture, the dragon symbolizes the spirit of that which is sacred, powerful, and supreme. The Shanghai Dragons’ logo combines the team’s name and a dragon figure to call upon the history of this symbol. The letter S outlined by the body of the dragon represents Shanghai, and the smooth line design is a nod to the strategic skill and flexibility of the team. Furthermore, red is present as a theme color for the Shanghai Dragons’ logo in order to emphasize its Chinese connection. ”


With this announcement, fans of Overwatch and it’s groundbreaking league get to look forward to 11 more such announcements, each no doubt featuring a skin to represent and celebrate the skin in-game.

Official social media links for Shanghai Dragons

Shanghai Dragons Official Weibo
 – http://weibo.com/ShanghaiDragons
Shanghai Dragons Official WeChat – ShanghaiDragons
Shanghai Dragons Official Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/ShanghaiDragons
Shanghai Dragons Official Twitter – https://twitter.com/ShanghaiDragons

For more information about the Overwatch League, please visit http://ow.blizzard.cn/overwatchleague (Chinese) or overwatchleague.com.

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