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Monolith, the legendary studio responsible for classics such as Blood, No One Lives Forever and F.E.A.R had somewhat of a misstep in the form of Middle Earth: Shadow of War last year. That doesn’t mean they’re ready to pack up their bags and leave. In fact, it seems like Monolith is gearing up towards their next project.

 PCGamesN spotted a job listing page for Senior Game Writer for Monolith’s next game has appeared – and it specifically asks for someone with “a love of fantasy and science fiction genres”, suggesting that their next project may be sci-fi instead. And thanks to Gamewatcher, we have come to know this upcoming project will take advantage of their proprietary Nemesis system. The news came in the form of a posting for Principal Technical Artist in Characters, where it asks specifically for someone “focused on creating believable human characters that will interact with the player in our next Nemesis system based game“. 

That pretty much confirms it. The Nemesis system is one of the most innovative gameplay mechanics in years and it’d have been a real shame if it was confined to their Middle Earth series of video games. If you’ve been living under a rock and doesn’t know what Nemesis system is, its where enemies can “remember” the main player character, and gain stronger and more powerful depending on how many encounters with that enemy they’ve had.

Maybe one day, we’ll be treated with Blood 3 featuring the Nemesis system for the Cabal. A guy can dream….

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