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These days, you can’t ponder over gaming websites or forums without stumbling into controversy regarding the infamous Denuvo anti-tamper tech. There have been numerous debates regarding whether Denuvo afftects game performance or not, throughout last year and this. So gamers will be more than glad when they hear SEGA and Two Point Studios have decided to remove the Denuvo from the hospital simulator, Two Point Hospital.

SEGA and Two Point Studios have released a new hotfix for Two Point Hospital that removes the Denuvo anti-tamper tech. The reason for this decision might be because the protection layer of the game has already been cracked and Sega doesn’t want to end up antagonizing legit buyers of the game. Makes you wonder why they choose to put it in the first place.

This hotfix is available on the beta branch of Two Point Hospital in Steam and you can access it by enabling the “twopointhospital_patch_beta” from the betas tab in Steam. Alongside the removal of Denuvo, this hotfix fixes some crashes on boot, adds logging to help track down further crashes, fixes majority of load fail as well as various cases of bad data getting in to save files.

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