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Earlier today Sean Murray, founder of Hello Games, held an AMA on reddit, where he talks about the game’s PC delay, future updates, an unannounced project and much more.

Here are some sort of important questions he answered (thanks to reddit user – u/jayhawx19).

Let’s kick off with the one question I’m pissing off at – PC delay!

Q: Is PC getting a midnight release?

A: The reality is that we’re still here working on it right now. There’s no conspiracy, we’re just racing to get all the extra options and stuff we want. PS4 comes out tomorrow and we’ll just try to pretend it’s a normal work day! Best guess right now is 6pm GMT on Friday, but we’ll keep you up to date as we get closer.

I’ll tell you a funny story about PC. I was here late yesterday, and I had to take a break and do an interview with Playboy (!) – and the guy was like “what are you working on when you go back downstairs?”.and I was like “compatibility for ATI opengl drivers”, and he said “ummm…. could you make something up. That sounds pretty nerdy”. I always knew I wasn’t Playboy article material ๐Ÿ™‚

Q: Will No Man’s Sky on PC have FOV options?

A: Innes and Charlie are here working on it right now, but every time someone asks we take away one degree of field of view http://imgur.com/L9CIxSR

Q: Will PS4 and PC Universes be linked in any way?

A: PS4 and PC players are using two different servers. We are running a control experiment to see who names things the most juvenile things… Let the games begin!

Q: I’ve heard rumors of the possibility of an API at some point for at least Atlas data, will that be a thing?

A: It could be for sure. We were talking today about just having a twitter bot that tweets discovery names at random. We’ve just been glued to the screen all day, watching names come in. Game isn’t out… but we had like 160k discoveries uploaded today… so… ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Q: Hey Sean, In an old trailer I saw huge snakes/worms, are those still in the game? Also have a nice day!

A: Oh man, I hate questions like this, because like wouldn’t you just rather discover for yourself? Huge creatures are out there, and haven’t seen them on streams yet. They are rare.

Q: When Sony became heavily involved, did they have any input (or say) on the final product? Is this still completely your vision?

A: Sony has been super cool to work with, but mainly just because they haven’t been involved in development, you know? We’re still sort of the underdog with Sony, and in the general AAA (for obvious reasons). If NMS is a success, I think that probably will have a real impact in terms of how a lot of people in larger publishers view indie games. People generally think of NMS as a Sony title, but we’re still just a self funded indie studio – it’s kind of a crazy situation ๐Ÿ™‚

Q: Can you just talk about balancing expectations/hype in the lead up to release based on your experience so far?

A: REAL TALK – so obviously the hype is terrifying. I mean, I have had this hanging over me for three years since we announced. I get like 3 hours sleep a night, but like I can’t sleep even if I was home so ยฏ\(ใ‚ท)/ยฏ. It’s catch 22, if we hadn’t announced when we did, we probably would have quit the project without the community supporting us… but god…should I have passed up Colbert? Or E3? I dunno. Every time we showed the game we always assumed people would suddenly not like it anymore… but instead the hype would just get crazier. In an alternate timeline, imagine if we could just be showing it for the first time tonight and launching tomorrow? Imagine how fun that would have been…

Q: Would you consider expanding HelloGames into a multi-project studio, or do you prefer more of a Pixar/Naughty Dog single-game style environment?

A: Initially I think we’ll all be supporting NMS. But there are other ideas we’ve got rattling around in our heads too. I think video games is just such a largely unexplored field. There’s very few studios that pull off the two game thing, but supporting one game and then kicking off something new – that’s doable right? Sh*t, I just remembered, we’ve got another thing we’re already working on that’s unannounced. It’s a small experiment, but hopefully you all might like it ๐Ÿ™‚ Maybe we can be the Johnny Depp of studios ๐Ÿ˜€ – do a mixture of big stuff and indie stuff? ๐Ÿ˜€

Q: How did the development of the game affect you physically and mentally?

A: Apparently so bad that pictures of it gets lots of RTs ๐Ÿ™

(Well, this isn’t an important question but I found it funny so…)

Q: Could uh, could you do something like Burnout again?

A: I have a recurring dream that I am back working on Burnout 3. Normally that I’m playing the game, and we’ve made it so every race ends with a crash junction. Then I wake up in a cold sweat. Games dev does things to you.

He answered even more bunch of questions if you wanna see click here.

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