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Before the release of Scum, if anyone told us that early access survival games were dying, we’d probably agree. As a testament to this, Devolver Digital and Gamepire have announced that SCUM has surpassed 1 million copies sold worldwide since launching less than three weeks ago. The developer is celebrating this milestone by giving away a golden DEagle and digital watches to players.

All players will get a golden Desert Eagle with “1 million” engraved on the side until September 25. “Players can get your gun through your prison wallet, the first time nature calls,” the devs say. If you have Supporter Pack, you’ll also get a Nice Watch (that’s the name of the watch in-game), regardless of when you log in.  Right now, it merely checks the time of day, but in future updates, it will have some more useful features.

Scum was publisher Devolver Digital’s biggest ever day one launch, with 50k concurrent players on launch day, and 250,000 copies sold in 24 hours.

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