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Element Space, the sci-fi tactical RPG from Sixth Vowel Studio and Blowfish Studios, brings hard-hitting strategic battles and dynamic decision-making to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in Q1 2020. The game originally launched on PC this February, and has Mixed reviews on Steam.

Command a squad of elite soldiers to stop a galactic terrorist organization that threatens to destroy the universe. Engage in deep, tactical turn-based battles on maps with destructible cover. Navigate an interstellar world where ideologies drive characters and factions, adding weight to every decision you make.

Watch the launch trailer here:


“We made Element Space to be full of tough decisions, but a collaboration with Blowfish Studios felt like the obvious choice,” said Javier Entelman, CEO, Sixth Vowel. “Their experience with console ports and the games industry gives us confidence that we’ll be able to deliver the best experience possible to console gamers when they fight the Tempest later this year.”

Blowfish Studios will showcase the console version of Element Space alongside other titles from its upcoming catalogue Oct 11 – 13.


  • Intriguing non-linear story with multiple endings.

Step into the shoes of Captain Pietham after being framed for a terrorist attack. Follow him on a journey to clear his name and expose a terrible genocidal conspiracy.

  • Easy to learn, hard to master turn-based battles.

Face overwhelming odds and break through their ranks. Use your wits and uncover lots of powerful skill combos to get the mission done.

  • Unique characters to recruit.

Travel the galaxy and recruit companions. Each one of them comes with a unique skill set, story and unlockables items.

  • Fight the way you want

Deck out your crew with unlockable weapons and perk trees of your choice. Adjust your party to your own play style.

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