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Dark Crystal Games, made up of ex-Larian developers has announced that their sci-fi, post-apocalyptic RPG Encased has met its initial funding goal of $100.000 on Kickstarter. The funds will allow Dark Crystal Games to expand the development team and add new content to the game.

With 6 days remaining until the end of the campaign, the team announced several stretch goals including mod support and player vehicles which you can check out over here.

Here’s what game’s Creative Director Viacheslav Kozikhin has to say about hitting the Kickstarter funding goal:

 “We are developing the Encased for a while already and we felt a great support from the community and old-school RPG fans. We have reached pre-alpha and we are confident that Encased could become a great game. But we are a small team, and there is a lot of things that we’d like to add. With help of our community, Encased will now become a way more ambitious, better fleshed-out and polished game”

Encased is an isometric RPG in a post-apocalyptic sci-fi setting. This game tells the story of a massive research project inside the Dome – an extraterrestrial object built in the middle of a desert by an unknown civilization – a project that has gone disastrously wrong. An old-school RPG with a turn-based combat system, the story campaign of Encased will be 25-30 hours long, with great replayability. Players will explore an open world, make tough decisions with far-reaching consequences, and uncover the secrets of the Dome and its creators. The world reacts dynamically to the player’s actions, and changes constantly. This also works vice versa, as environmental changes within the game will influence the gameplay.

The game has been backed by Larian Studios, developers of Divinity: Original Sin, and Obsidian Entertainment, creators of Fallout: New Vegas. Even Kickstarter’s own Editorial team has recognized Encased with a “Projects We Love” badge.

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