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Ready to indulge yourself in a nostalgic ride, where it all began? On a ride to Steelport, the city endorsing good ol’ gang violence along with large amounts of “unconventional” humor of the 90’s? Want to wield the good old dildo bat for some old fashioned fun? Or do you have unfinished revenge left, some gang leader left to kill or some operation left to take over? Saints Row the Third comes back in a new fashion, on the game streaming network called Utomik.

Offering the ability to play a AAA game for an unlimited amount of time for as small an amount as $5.99 per month, and with new titles like Saints Row the Third embracing the shelves of the service, Utomik is slowly becoming the “Netflix” for gamers as it is supposed to be. Utomik has some game for every age group, be they timeless classics, innovative indies, or all-star AAA titles.

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