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Russian Subway Dogs is nearing its release for PC, Xbox One, PS4, and PS Vita later this year and we wanted to introduce you to our full lineup of amazing (or at least amazingly weird) guest characters!

Russian Subway Dogs is a systemic arcade game inspired by the real life stray dogs of Moscow Metro. These dogs have actually learned to how to navigate the subways and commute from the quiet safe suburban stations to the downtown where they can scavenge for food. The Moscow Metro happens to also be an amazing setting featuring some of the most beautiful stations in the world that we’ve meticulously recreated in detailed pixel art.

You play as one of these stray dogs, scaring commuters to steal their food, competing with other wildlife, and cooking the occasional meal with highly explosive vodka. If you played our demo at PlayStation Experience, PAX, or other events, you’ll know you can playas more than just a stray subway mutt. We’ve teamed up with other indie creators to bring their dogs, cats and other critters to the game!

Our line up of canine and kitty criminals we’ve already revealed include:

  • Meme hero, Question Hound (aka “the This is Fine Dog”) from the comic Gunshow.
  • Revolutionary canines Nacho and Rad Shiba from the PS Vita game VA-11 HALL-A
  • Hybrid trash vermin, the Ratcoon, from action roguelike Ruin of the Reckless.
  • Our own demonic Clawed Kitty, inspired by our previous game, They Bleed Pixels.
  • The Proletaricat, your boss and head feline of the pack.

We’re excited to debut several new members of the Subway Dogs crew, many of which will be very familiar to PlayStation players.

Half goat, half man, all teacher: Uay Chivo from the game Guacamelee! will be playable in all his goaty glory!

Doppler and Kepler, friends to the friendless and your faithful animal companions when playing single player Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, come down to earth to scavenge for food.

Fidel, dungeon delving doggo from the turn-based dungeon puzzler Fidel Dungeon Rescue, will be exploring our suspicious subway tunnels.

We’re honored all these creators trusted us with their creations and we’ve been working hard to capture the feel of each of them. From custom bark graphics, to unique deaths like Question Hound bursting into flames, we want players to have fun unlocking each one and discovering these little touches.

Look forward to stealing food, juggling vodka, and battling bears and babushka on the Moscow Metro as your favorite dog, cat or weird giant worm thing later this year on PS4 and PS Vita! You can also get a chance to check out these new “dogs” this week at PAX East.

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