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Next-generation consoles are certainly going to be a hit. Microsoft’s Project Scarlett already has some beefy specifications to boast for itself. Official confirmation had been received earlier that the next-generation PlayStation console will have (nearly) similar specifications. An official reveal and the announcement was scheduled at PSX later this year but looks like some people have decided to jump the gun. A Swedish retailer has officially listed the PlayStation 5 on its website and is actively taking preorders.

The description mentions a third-generation Ryzen processor, SSD storage and backward compatibility with PS4 games. There’s no mention of the GPU used. What is worrying is the price tag set by the retailer.

The preorders are all going for 1000$ each, which is more than double the price of the PlayStation 4, which launched at a price of $400. The PlayStation 5 does launch with quite the hardware for a console, but 1000$ is still a bit too overkill, especially for value-conscious customers. The leaks have not been authenticated by Sony yet.

It seems we still need to wait till PSX to get an actual confirmation on this one. While the pricing is definitely not final, it might be fairly close to the actual value (that, and the actual specifications for the PS5). Until then, take this with a pinch of salt.

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