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Computex this year wasn’t a very exciting show from NVIDIA’s part (unless you’re into machine learning and AI based applications), considering the statement from NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang “Next-gen NVIDIA GPUs are a long way off”. A few promising leaks, and by putting together a few pieces of the puzzle by prediction, the specifications of the next-gen GPUs have been jotted down (though they have not been confirmed by NVIDIA).

We already have the final, most promising leak, which confirms the naming of the next-gen GPUs. According to Lenovo (via Wccftech), the next gen cards are indeed called the GTX 11 series, which means the lineup becomes the GTX 1170 and the GTX 1180 respectively.

A leak (via Videocardz) suggests that NVIDIA is inviting the press for a event that is rumored to last for a few days. While this may just be making a mountain out of a molehill, inviting the press over for just for the gameplay demos of a few new games might not be what NVIDIA has in mind. No dates or timings are available, so it is indeed difficult to predict what NVIDIA might be showcasing behind those closed doors. This press event may take place during, before or after Gamescom – nothing has been confirmed yet.

We already have the predicted details for the GTX 1180, which suggests that it is indeed much faster than the existing range of GPUs. Guess Jensen’s statement about next-gen cards being “a long way off” was sarcasm after all.



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