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Electronic Arts has cancelled development of the open-world Star Wars game that was in development at EA Vancouver, according to a Kotaku report, which stated that three sources have told it that work on the project has ended. The studio had been working on the game since October 2017, when it took over development of the Star Wars project codenamed Ragtag that had been in development at Visceral Games.

EA Vancouver posted a job listing in early 2018 for a “Star Wars open world project,” which was speculated at the time to be a continuation of Ragtag. It had originally been envisioned as a linear, story-based game, but EA vice president Patrick Soderlund said when Visceral was closed, the company wanted to change it to “a broader experience that allows for more variety and player agency,” with “greater depth and breadth to explore.”

The Kotaku report says that the open world game in development in Vancouver was in fact the rebooted Ragtag. If so, that means the heavily-hyped five-year effort, headed up by renowned developers Amy Hennig and Jade Raymond—both of whom have since left EA—has now ground to a final, ugly halt. Kotaku said that EA Vancouver may actually now be working on another, different (and much further off) Star Wars game.

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